Urban Arts Festival

Jul 18 2013

It’s been a long time since I have posted anything.  I have been crazy busy with the kids and sewing lots of ninjas, bags and rattles.  I have narrowed down the amount of fairs that I participate in to my 2 favorites.  The first one is the Urban Arts festival,  happening this Saturday the 20th of July, at the Gateway.  This year they have a bigger and better venue, lots of cool vendors, and fun performers.  It’s something you really should come to!



Here are some things that I have been working on for this years festival…FX Photo Studio_image-fixed-3

I didn’t plan this, I think they are meant to be together!

FX Photo Studio_image-fixed-2Rattles

FX Photo Studio_image-fixed-1Ninjas

FX Photo Studio_image-fixedTablet bags

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Birthday a few days late

Dec 01 2012

7 years ago, Orson joined our family…


That was then, This is now…

Orson had his birthday on Wednesday, we took treats to his class and they played stump the mom.  The kids had 7 questions that they could ask me about Orson, they tried to ask hard questions that I wouldn’t know.  I only missed 2 of them.  The teacher also had some questions for Orson and I to answer so that the kids could get to know him better.  One of them was what is your middle name?  Orson’s first answer was Issac, his middle name isn’t Issac, it’s Grant.  He said that sometimes he gets confused.  After we got done with his birthday celebration at school, I checked him out of school early and we went to the zoo.



Then we came home and had dinner,  then we went to see the Christmas lights at temple square

Then home to have some birthday apple pie and ice cream.  I thought it was a lovely day!  I’m so glad that Orson joined our family 7 years ago!  He has a great personality, fun to be around and he has the cutest dimples!


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It’s that time of year

Nov 25 2012

For a limited time only, there are a few ninjas that have gotten into the Christmas spirit by wearing their version of the ever popular, ugly Christmas sweater.  These guys in the picture are available at Made Jackson Hole.

Ninjas make a great Christmas gifts!

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Another Birthday

Nov 05 2012

10 years ago yesterday (Nov. 4th), I was pregnant and thought that I was going to have my 2nd little girl in about 3 more weeks.   It was a Sunday and I was in charge of the primary program, that was going to take place the next Sunday.  (It’s when the kids take over and they give the talks and songs for our church’s Sacrament meeting.)  It was our last chance to practice with the kids in the chapel, so I was pretty busy shuffling kids around and helping them remember their talks etc.  When we got home that afternoon I sat down to rest and I realized that I hadn’t felt the baby move all day.   I did all the things that they tell you to do like drink some orange juice and lay down, still nothing the baby wouldn’t move.  So we called the midwife and she told me to head to the hospital.   I told Reed that they were just going to put the monitors on and find out that the baby was fine and send us home.   Reed said nope I think we are going to be having a baby today.  I replied that I couldn’t have the baby, because I was in charge of the primary program the next week.  As you might have guessed, Reed was right.  All of a sudden the midwife ran in and said that wasn’t going anywhere,  she broke my water and I was in labor.  Several hours later the baby was born and while the midwife was working with the baby, my mom and sisters that were there, were telling me what a beautiful baby girl she was, and then I heard Reed say quietly, it’s a boy and then again louder IT’S A BOY.  The midwife said that the didn’t want to be the one to break it to us.

When we called to tell Helen (Big Sister) that the baby wasn’t a girl, she was so mad she wouldn’t talk to Reed on the phone.  When she came to the hospital to meet her new little brother, it just took one look and she said that she loved him.


This is what Arthur looked like yesterday on his Birthday…

We love having Arthur in our family!

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Oct 15 2012

My baby turned one today!

This is last year

This is today

This is what he thought of eating his cake

Right now if I could pick a day that I could go back and live again, I would pick 1 year ago today.  I would love to go back and live the day that I had to face one of my greatest fears, a c-section.  I got to bring this wonderful little boy into the world, it was a good day.

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First week of school

Sep 09 2012

On Tuesday the kids started school, it was so nice to have them not start until after Labor day.   It was really strange though to have them home still when all the cousins had started school.  The extra 2 weeks of summer gave me some time to make them each a new school bag.   I let each of them choose what they wanted on the front of their bag…

Helen choose a to have a Tardis on her bag.  It’s embarrassing to admit it and I never thought I would but yes we are Dr. Who fans.

Arthur choose a radioactive sign for his and Orson choose a sea horse.  The thread that I used for the sea horse is glow in the dark. Sea horse’s are currently Orson’s favorite animal and I guess Arthur is saying that his homework is radioactive.  As you can tell in the picture Arthur is annoyed that I am taking their picture, he said that other kids don’t have to get their picture taken for the first day of school.  He didn’t believe me when I said that a lot of them do.

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Craft Lake City

Aug 07 2012

I’m going to be at Craft Lake City on Saturday August 11th, you should come too!

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Professor Tweed

May 21 2012

Did you know some ninjas have side jobs?  This ninja is named Professor Tweed, he took a trip to Yale University, New York and Washington DC.  Since I have never been to these places, I’m not going to attempt to pretend that I know the sites that Professor Tweed was photographed.  Looks like a fun trip though.

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Introducing the newest accessory to the ninjas….

May 16 2012

Some of the ninjas have started donning a mustache

If your interested and in the area, these guys are for sale at Made in Jackson Hole.

If you are in Utah the ninjas are getting ready for a couple of upcoming craft shows this summer the first one is the Urban Arts festival on June 9th. It should be fun, we hope to see you there!

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Ninja at the Alamo

Feb 28 2012

I hope he didn’t ask where the basement was. Everybody knows there is no basement at the Alamo.

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